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STORY ABOUT Kha Tam’s Swallow’s Nest

The Founder of Yen Sao Khatam: Ms. Thai Khatam

Coming from a background of working in corporate culture, constantly listening to the stories and heartfelt words of the company employees with many concerns about working to provide for themselves and their families, always wanting to focus on their families but having to go far away to start their careers…. Understanding those things, Thai Khatam has always carried a desire, a concern about finding and building for herself a good life: where she can find love, connection, strength, and seriously pursue the Mission of her own life.

In the early days of 2019, the fate followed Ha Miso to visit Nha Trang and had the opportunity to interact with Nha Trang’s bird’s nest. Initially, using it for himself and then sending it back to his hometown for his aunt and uncle regularly, the Uncle in the countryside quickly recovered his health when combining the use of Salanganes’Nest during the treatment. After being hospitalized at Nguyen Trai Hospital (HCMC) less than a month, he was discharged.

“Swallow’s nest, though not a panacea, disease, but if you know how to combine and use In the right way, bird’s nest is an extremely healthy food.”

Seeing good products plus the desire to carry out the mission of spreading the value of love. March, 2019 begins to implement the “test” business plan. After nearly 4 years of pursuing the bird’s nest industry, in November 2022 officially registered a business license and The name YEN SAO KHAM TAM – Instead of You Giving Van Love was born.

The birth of Yen Sao Kha Tam with a belief in love and connection

Yen Sao Kha Tam was born with the desire to provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy Yen Sao, which is beneficial to health, and to connect people together through this product.

“When love is big enough, all limitations are erased. Yen Sao Kha Tam dedicates our health gift with all our heart to give to your loved ones as an expression of our love and connection.”

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